Data Management

Organizations need to clearly know their customers, the products they sell and the vendors they work with, in order to meet market pressures, regulatory mandates and growth objectives. However in most organizations, the master data around these entities is plagued by challenges. It could range from no reliable sources of master data for reporting, data being stored in department or LOB specific appliances/databases resulting in fractured information about customer, products or vendors, to uncertain ownership or accountability for poor quality data.
Master data management (MDM) solutions can help in this scenario by providing a data foundation which helps to create an enterprise view of business entities. It also puts in place the processes and controls ensuring high quality master data. Some key benefits of MDM are:

  •           Faster time to market for product releases
  •           Seamless customer experience across channels/functions/ brandsdatamanagement_clip_image001
  •           Tighter compliance to customer privacy, vendor listing
  •           Improved ability to cross-sell/up-sell


Keeping in mind the complexity of implementing MDM, GIS offers a comprehensive array of services and accelerators. Our portfolio includes:

GIS’s Solution accelerators are:

  •           MDM architecture
  •           MDM product capability evaluation framework
  •           MDM Capability capture framework
  •           MDM full life cycle Implementation methodology
  •           Industry data models


Factory based data migration framework